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Field Studies


The daily urban experience: mobility and emotions sensing

This study will explore the relationship between our daily mobility and activity decisions, our emotions, and the urban environment. We invite you to participate in it to help us better understand how we can create urban public spaces that foster health and well-being for all.

Participants will wear a wristband (like a smartwatch) to measure physiological signals (such as heart rate and skin temperature) and use a free mobile app to record their travel and activities diaries and reported emotions for 14 days.

Your participation in this study is voluntary, but in appreciation for your effort, we will give you a gift card from the company GoGift of up to 500kr.

By participating in this field study, you can help to foster more inclusive and liveable urban environments to improve residents’ health and well-being. This study is being conducted by the Technical University of Denmark, the Faculty of Medicine (FMUL), the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning (IGOT) and NeuroGEARS Ltd.

For a brief introduction to this study please see the video below:

To participate, you can access our screening survey through the following link or QR code:

General info

Who can participate?

Any person 18 years or older living in the Greater Copenhagen area can participate. To ensure that the physiological measures reflect individuals’ emotional level, participants may not suffer from any severe health condition (e.g., cardiovascular problems, severe mental illness) or be pregnant during the data collection. The screening survey is designed to check whether you are eligible or not to participate in our study.

What will happen during the participation?

During the participation, participants will wear a wristband (like a smartwatch) and use an app to record location data. The app will also send notifications at random moments during the day to ask about current emotions, while the smartwatch will record their physiological measures (e.g., heart rate, skin temperature).


  • Do a screening survey to check for eligibility.
  • Schedule date and time for an introductory meeting.


  • Attend an initial meeting so you can pick up the sensor package, get all information on how to use the wristband and the app; get clarification on how we will treat your data and sign a consent form confirm that you agreed to participate in the study; and complete an initial survey (which takes around 20 minutes)
  • Wear the wristband and carry your smartphone with app installed for 14 days, reporting your emotions, and validating the information on travels and activities collected through the app.


  • Attend a post-data collection meeting to return the wristband and delete the app if you want; complete a post-survey (which takes around 5 minutes) and receive a gift card as a thank you for your participation.
  • Participate in an optional 20-25 min computer task for assessing your planning behaviour.