Bruno Miranda

Bruno Miranda, co-coordinator of eMOTIONAL Cities, represented the project on May 20th, as part of the Integrated Master in Architecture of the Center for Innovation in Territory, Urbanism and Architecture (CiTUA).

Building Capacities to Integrate the Gender dimension in research projects

eMOTIONAL Cities project participated in the training session “Building Capacities to Integrate the Gender dimension in research projects“, promoted by the Gearing-Roles project that took place at IGOT.ULisboa (Portugal) on February 10thand was evaluated as an exemplary project in line with what the European Commission already requires in all projects that seek funding in the Horizon Europe. More info here

International Urban Planning and Environment Congress

IUPE Congress, under the scope of the UN’s New Urban Agenda, that specifically addresses the theme of Managing Change, will be held in Tartu, Estonia July 29th – August 2nd, 2022.

Many countries around the world are facing water and energy crises, and migration brings demographic and cultural change. The rapid increase in tourism, speculative real estate investments, and gentrification are adding increasing pressures to manage and control development while still creating a quality environment of housing, economic opportunities and infrastructure for residents and visitors alike. New planning and research methods such as simulation modeling and improved mapping bring new opportunities to understand and project responses to change.

This event will be an opportunity to discuss the way that different countries, with different cultural and political heritages, are approaching the change in five domains:

  1. Climate Change, Energy and Resiliency
  2. Public Health, Mobility and Food Access
  3. Sustainable Development, Social Cohesion and Environmental Protection
  4. Smart Growth, Technology (e-Governance) and Automation
  5. Innovation in Planning Methods, Tools and Techniques

This conference will also allow to share and learn from international professional and share noteworthy practices on how we can plan and manage changes affecting our built and social environment. In this sense, on the second day will be held some workshops.

Annual Meeting of eMOTIONAL Cities project

The Annual Meeting of eMOTIONAL Cities project took take place on November 22nd & 23rd in Great Hall of the Rectory of the University of Lisbon (Portugal).

This event, addressing the theme eMOTIONAL Cities: Debate on the future of urban health, included the participation of Angela Million (Director of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at the Technical University – Berlin), Miguel Telo de Arriaga (Head of the Healthy Lifestyles Division – DGS), Paula Castro (Professor – Social and Environmental Psychology, ISCTE-IUL & CIS-IUL) Mário Vale (Professor IGOT-ULisboa, CEG-Associated Lab TERRA), Susana Macedo (Clean&Safe – Turismo de Portugal).

Shaping Light for Health and Wellbeing in Cities

Between 16th and 17th of December, the international conference ‘Shaping Light for Health and Wellbeing in Cities’ will be organized by the consortium of the ENLIGHTENme project which is funded by Horizon Europe 2020 programme. The conference is triggering to build better knowledge on lighting and health wellbeing in cities from diverse aspects and implications of light that affect life of humans besides to discuss challenges that should be tackled.

II Digital Geographies Conference

The eMotional Cities project was invited to prepare a showroom on October 29th at the II Digital Geographies Conference – Critical perspectives for economy platform. The conference will be fully online and free to delegates or attendees