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Many countries around the world are facing basic resources (as water and energy) crises, and migration is bringing demographic and cultural changes and challenges. Furthermore, the rapid increase in tourism, speculative real estate investments, and gentrification are adding increasing pressures to manage and foster urban sustainable development, measured by the delivery of inclusive and quality environments with housing, economic growth opportunities and infrastructure and urban facilities for residents and visitors. New planning and research methods such as simulation modelling and improved mapping bring new opportunities to understand and project innovative responses to changing contexts.

This conference will be an opportunity to discuss the way different countries, with diverse cultural and political heritages, are approaching the change in five domains:

  1. Climate Change, Energy and Resiliency
  2. Public Health, Mobility and Food Access
  3. Sustainable Development, Social Cohesion and Environmental Protection
  4. Smart Growth, Technology (e-Governance) and Automation
  5. Innovation in Planning Methods, Tools and Techniques

This conference will also be an opportunity to share experiences and learn from international professionals and noteworthy practices on how we can plan and manage ongoing and constant changes affecting our urban environments.

For more information on the preliminary list of workshops click here. Registration for mobile workshops begins in May 2022!